Which Skills Are The Most Important To Work In Aged Care?

October 11, 2021    agedcarecoursesinadelaide
Which Skills Are The Most Important To Work In Aged Care?

Aged care and assistance are slowly becoming an essential profession for Australian citizens who like to care for the elders, have an empathic mind, and do not mind working hard and odd hours. According to the Australian standard, the percentage of aged people (aged 65 or more) has increased from 12.4% to 16.3% over ten years.

Even in 2017, the number of senior people was near 3.8 million, which was 15% of the total population. In recent years, the number has increased. So, going for an aged care training Adelaide will be advantageous for tolerant, optimistic, and concerned persons for a steady and consistent career that also offers them room for growth.

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What is Aged Care?

Aged care is services provided to people aged 65 years or more to live dignified lives and honor. The caregiver may work in a residential setting or at an aged care facility (commonly called a nursing home). It may consist of providing assistance, mental and emotional support, to helping in daily activities – like cooking, cleaning, paying bills, or going to the grocery store.

Patients with less mobility would need a more significant service level, which may involve maintaining their hygiene, getting dressed, or feeding themselves. Individuals interested in aged care would receive training for all these tasks in the aged care courses of their choice.

What Aged Care Courses Are Available?

A career in aged care in Australia requires experience and training in handling medical necessities and emergency procedures. So it is better to have professional training from licensed institutes to get a certificate and the necessary skills and knowledge. One can list the different courses available for individuals to pursue making a fulfilling career in Australian aged care as:

  • Certificate III in Aged Care:-

This qualification is an entry-level course for individuals interested in starting a meaningful and rewarding career in aged care, changing their career, or re-entering the workforce. The pass-outs could get jobs as personal care workers, community care workers, accommodation support workers, disability support workers, and others.

  • Certificate IV in Aged Care:-

Certificate IV in aged care trains students to become support workers for specialized tasks and functions in the aged care sector, either in residential, home, or community-based settings.

  • The certified students are held responsible for working their output within specified guidelines of the organization.
  • They must maintain delivery of quality service and develop, assist, and review individualized service and planning.
  • They can work as a personal care worker, Assistant Aged care Coordinators, senior community care workers, etc.
  • Diploma in Aged care:-

The diploma courses in aged care ready the students for administrative or policy-making positions in the aged care sector. They develop programs for senior people that promote participation and meaningful engagement and improves their safety and health.

  • They have to develop strategies that facilitate the mental health of their patients, their engagement in healthy activities, and reinforce communication with people affected with dementia.
  • They will need to implement workplace practices, standards and expectations, and supervisory practices. They can consider a career as Aged care workers, Residential support workers, Recreational and lifestyle support coordinators, and community support workers.

The Essential Skills Needed

This sector is a natural choice for caring people – so persons who have real-life experience in managing infants and senior people have a greater probability of achieving a fulfilling career.

The required essential abilities needed in addition to the training and knowledge from the aged-care courses, for example, Certificate 3 In Aged Care Adelaide are listed below:

  • Multi-Tasking Ability

As an aged care worker, you may have to manage multiple clients on a given day and perform different duties for them. The daily tasks can be a massive range of things – like cleaning, cooking, and ensuring the clients' punctuality to their appointments. So, you must have the capability to manage more than one task at a given time and make sure you complete your duties ideally and in time.

  • Communication and Listening Skills

Aged people often live by themselves, so, naturally, they feel lonely. Whether you are working in a residential or community setting, you have to sit and talk with them and listen to what they have to say when you are working with your client. Moreover, you have to be intuitive about the mood of the clients. They wouldn't, or often can't, always tell you about what's keeping them down. In these cases, you have to observe them and provide the right kind of care.

  • Physical fitness

Aged care is a hands-on job – not only do you have to assist people with mobility issues, but you may also have to stand for most of your working hours. You don't need to sport six-pack abs, but it would be better to ensure the appropriate physical fitness if you are serious about this line of work.

  • Composure Under Pressure

You will need to remember that every client is different and will have particular requirements and demands. You would have to provide care according to their distinct personalities and preferences – so you would need to be flexible and patient with them. In addition, it is common to face a situation not part of the fixed plan. So, if something happens, you would have to respond quickly and calmly under pressure while managing the development.

  • Respect and Professionalism

It is the most apparent quality you must have to work in the aged-care sector. Your clients have seen and experienced a more significant part of life than you – so it's a big no-no to make assumptions based on their mobility or age. You would have to be the most professional and pay your clients their due respect and care.

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Final Words

Getting old is hard, and without the company of an understanding partner, it gets more complicated. Your job as an aged care worker will go above and beyond the training, you receive in aged care certificate 3 Adelaide – you will have to show them empathy, have a positive attitude, and make them feel valued.

Providing comfort to someone on their final days makes a huge difference to their lives – and that's why you should pursue aged care only if you are genuinely interested. You may not get a high-paying career but will always have a fulfilling occupation.

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