Aged Care Courses – Know The Careers In Aged Care Sector In 2022

December 13, 2021    agedcarecoursesinadelaide
Aged Care Courses – Know The Careers In Aged Care Sector In 2022

Taking care of older people in aged care services may be a tough job in the health care sector. Aged care jobs are very demanding and challenging for even those who have been in the sector for a long time. But it also reaps great benefits and opportunities that can lead to a promising career. If someone loves to help people, then working in the aged care department is a great career choice. 

As an aged care worker, one can dedicate their career to helping older people and making a difference in their lives. But it is not easy to decide whether to become an aged care worker or take Aged Care courses

Factors To Consider Before Pursuing A Career In Aged Care 

There are many factors to consider-

  • The area to pursue in aged care
  • The specialisation that interests one the most
  • The best-suited job
  • Qualifications to study for aged care

There are different jobs for aged care workers; some are based on pursuing different degrees and having unique skills. Aged care jobs require a person to care for a section of older people and require the utmost care. 

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Aged Care Courses - Required Skills to Work in Aged Care Sector

There are two types of skills required to be an aged care worker, they are-

  • Technical skills
  • Hygiene knowledge
  • Maintaining a home
  • Having first aid skills
  • Having a general knowledge regarding health
  • Knowing occupational health and safety
  • Having legal and ethical knowledge
  • Soft skills 
  • Having compassion for the old people
  • Can bear responsibility
  • Having patience
  • Can adapt to any environment
  • Can easily build relationships with people

These skills are required every day at work in the aged care industry; many roles and responsibilities need to be performed daily. 

Roles and Responsibilities Of Each Worker

Several positions in the aged care sector require different skills and personalities. One can pursue careers in administration, human resources, frontline support, and catering services. There are different situations that aged care workers can put themselves. 

An aged care worker could work as an older person or families who need care. There are several career opportunities in community care in-home care and services. There are chances one might work at a residential aged care facility to provide nursing facilities; alternatively, one may choose to work within a community. 

Whether one works in a residential care service, community care or respite care, a support care worker needs to report to a registered nurse or supervisor to be guided by them. 

Best Jobs For Aged Care 

Aged care is a huge sector that has workers working in different roles. There are different duties, roles, salaries and responsibilities for different aged care workers. The base salary of an aged care support worker would be around $59 k, while the salary of a residential care support worker would be approximately $137 k. The salary of a care manager would be around $137 k while a physiotherapist earns about $101 k.  

Understanding The Industry 

The aged care industry in Australia is going through a massive change. Even though it is one of the largest industries in Australia, it lacks skilled workers and does not receive enough funds. The number of people in Australia over the age of 85 is expected to increase by over 50% by the year 2058. With the increase in the old-age population, more aged care workers are required.  

For bringing a change in the aged care industry, there is a need for more dedicated, caring and punctual workers. These workers can join the industry and bring much-needed change. If one has qualities like patience, dedication and punctuality, they can be a good choice for the aged care industry. 

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Qualifications Needed To Work In The Aged Care Industry 

Even Though it is not required to have any qualification in the aged care industry, having a certificate or training can help one prepare for challenges in the sector. Most employers prefer workers who have a degree since they already have training in some form or other. 

Whether one can study full-time or study part-time, there are two qualifying paths in an aged care course. The two courses are Certificate 3 in aged care and Certificate 4.  There are also nursing courses one can take to enter this sector.  

Final Thoughts

One must decide whether they would like to pursue a career in aged care courses. It takes a lot of patience, focus and dedication to be a part of this sector. Many centres can offer good Aged Care Courses in Adelaide. These centres also provide certificate four and certificate 3 in aged care Adelaide. Aged Care Courses Adelaide SA provides some of the best courses available for aged care and has skilled instructors who can create a good learning environment. One needs to be enrolled in this institution to have a great career in aged care. 

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Aged Care Courses – Know The Careers In Aged Care Sector In 2022

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