Secure A Role In Australia’s Fastest-Growing Industry With Certificate III In Aged Care

September 9, 2021    agedcarecoursesinadelaide
Secure A Role In Australia’s Fastest-Growing Industry With Certificate III In Aged Care

Australia's aged care industry has over 180,000 carer jobs, and experts have predicted that there will be over 827,000 carer jobs available by 2050. This particular sector is ideal for all those individuals who love taking care of their elders. 

A job within the aged care industry will never be tedious because it will surely provide a rewarding and fulfilling experience to your life. To get started, you need to opt for the Aged Care Courses Adelaide, available at all the top universities across Australia. 

The courses will help you gain a proper understanding of this sector to obtain a job according to your needs. You will also gain many unique skills, which will be highly beneficial for you. 

Popular Job Roles To Check Out Within The Aged Care Sector

How you wish to get into the aged care industry will heavily depend on your experience and background. You also need to complete the Aged care courses Adelaide so that you can opt for the job you want. But there are several job roles, which you can easily opt for once you complete your aged care-related courses. Look below!

  • Community Support Worker 

CSW or Community Support Worker will offer support to clients at the homes and take care of all the tasks. Some of their duties are cleaning, shopping, providing transport, personal care, and helping with meals. If you want to become a CSW, you must complete Certificate 3 in Aged Care Adelaide from an excellent Australian college or university. Apart from that, you also have to provide comprehensive insurance, a police clearance certificate, and a valid driver's license. 

  • Nurse 

Individuals are currently entering residential care within the latter stages of their lives. This shows that they have high requirements and are typically frail than the previous generation of residents. Here, a nurse will play a crucial role as they will provide clinical care, which will support the wellbeing and health of the individuals residing within the aged care facilities. 

You can easily become a Registered Nurse or Enrolled Nurse to take care of the elderly at the aged care centres. As an EN or Enrolled Nurse, you have to study the Diploma of Enrolled Nursing. For RN or Registered Nurse, you have to obtain a Bachelor of Nursing degree from a reputed university in Australia.

  • Carer 

Carer stands out as the most widely recognised role within the aged-care sector. As a carer, you have to provide emotional, personal, and physical support to the elderly within a residential care centre. 

This might include helping out with essential tasks, such as social activities, outings, showering, feeding, grocery shopping, cleaning the house, and many more.

To become a professional carer, you have to complete Certificate 3 aged care Adelaide because it's the only one to become eligible for this particular job role. Certificate 3 is a vocational course, and it will offer you the training required to carry out direct care. 

  • Physiotherapist 

Physio or Physiotherapists offers restorative and rehabilitation care to the elderly by helping them restore their functionality and improve their movements. 

Apart from that, physiotherapists also help older people to manage pain. They also organise and plan therapeutic activities and works closely with the RN or Registered Nurse to maximise the wellbeing and health of the people they support.

To become a physiotherapist, you have to obtain the Bachelors of Science [Physiotherapy] and register yourself at the Physiotherapy Board of Australia. 

  • Occupational Therapist

The occupational therapist is a pretty traditional role within the aged care sector. The OT assesses all the therapy requirements for the elderly and creates plans to magnify their cognitive and physical functions. If you wish to become an Occupational Therapist or OT, you need to complete the Bachelors in Applied Science. 

You will also come across job roles like OTA [Occupational Therapist Assistant] and PTA [Physiotherapy Assistant] that support the Physios and OTs in planning and organising pain and therapeutic management activities.

For the PTA and OTA, you don't have to obtain a degree but complete the Certificate 3 Allied Health Assistance or Certificate 4 in Allied Health Assistance. 

  • Disability Support Worker 

The disability support workers offer supervision and care to maximise a person's wellbeing and mental health. After the NDIS or National Disability Insurance Scheme was introduced, many jobs were created for disability support.

As a DSW, you will get the chance to work in places such as hospitals, private residences, group homes, and clinics. You can easily improve your chances of working as a disability support worker with a formal qualification. 

You can also obtain Certificate 3 in Individualised Support to help you receive advanced knowledge and gain more skills through this course. 

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What Does It Take Work In The Aged Care Sector?

When you have decided to work within the aged care sector, you must be mentally, physically, and emotionally demanding. If you provide direct care, you will be on your feet all the time, and you have to help individuals who require you to be physically fit. 

Along with that, you have to be service-oriented, and you must look for various ways to help older people live an extraordinary life. You need to make sure that they receive all the support, care, and love they need to improve their health to live healthily. 

You also have to carry outstanding communication skills, which are essential for aged care as you will provide support to the elderly during their difficult and intimate situations. 

Final Thoughts

The aged care sector in Australia is currently increasing, and it's offering a wide range of jobs to people interested in working within this sector. You will get plenty of perks along with heaps of opportunities for climbing up the ladder and education. You will surely get the chance to spend with many people also get tips and advice from professionals within this industry. 

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