Eligibility Criteria For Aged Care Courses In Adelaide!

March 4, 2021    agedcarecoursesinadelaide
Eligibility Criteria For Aged Care Courses In Adelaide!

Do you want to become a successful aged care worker in Adelaide, Australia? Then, you need to complete a program of Aged Care training Adelaide from Australia! Currently, there is an immense demand for qualified aged care workers in the country. It is due to the odds triggered by the plight of Covid-19. Another reason is the dearth of accomplished aged care workers in Australia. So, to study an aged care course in Adelaide you need to meet some basic eligibility criteria. A complete checklist of these fundamental prerequisites has outlined below.

Basic Eligibility Criteria To Enroll in Aged Care Course

Whether you want to study certificate IV or certificate III in individual support you must meet the basic eligibility criteria. These include the following conditions.

  • Literacy About Computer!

This is a mandatory criterion no matter which particular aged care training course you want to study. This requirement applies particularly to learners who are studying aged care courses online.

  • Proficiency in English!

As per Australia’s academic standards, you must possess optimal proficiency in the English language. This criterion applies to aged care learners of all categories. So, make sure that you have cracked the IELTS test with flying colours. You must obtain a score of 5.5 in total. Aside you must acquire a 5.0 in each of the areas of English i.e. speaking, listening, writing and reading.

  • Possession of Student Visa!

This is the most notable criterion which every student studying an Australian aged care course must meet. Make sure that you hold a student visa which is approved by the Department of Home Affairs. When you have this visa you can study all kinds of aged care courses from Australia.

  • Additional Requirements!

Some of the other requirements which you must meet to study an aged care course from Adelaide, Australia include the following:

  • You must maintain an optimum level of attendance while studying your chosen aged care course.
  • Through substantial documents you must prove that you have adequate funds with you. It will assure the Australian Immigration Department that you can afford your own stay and study in Australia.
  • Most importantly, you should be the holder of a valid Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC). You need to possess your OSHC until the time you stay in Australia.

Remember, that regardless of the type of aged care course you’ve chosen, it must be a CRICOS registered course.

Essential Qualities of An Aged Care Worker!

This criterion is as important as the ones given above. Aside studying an aged care course, you must have the following qualities in you. Once you ascertain these traits in you rest assured that you will definitely become a successful aged care worker. These include the following:

  • Ability to perform domestic tasks
  • Ability to preside over the stressful physical activities related to this job
  • Ability to work with a team collaboratively
  • Caring and supportive demeanour and
  • Adequate patience, adjustment capacity and flexible approach

These were the general entry requirements which you need to meet to study an aged care course from Adelaide. These eligibility criteria might differ reasonably according to your course type and pertinent Australian college or university!

Eligibility Requirements for Concession of Cert IV in Aged Care!

Now you can study the cert 4 aged care at a subsidized price. To become eligible:

  • You must be the partner of a 457 visa holder
  • Citizen of Australia
  • You must hold a Bridging visa 051 and 051 with a substantial application for visa 790 or 785 and
  • You must hold a visa subclass 826,820,785,444 or 309.

So, meet all the eligibility criteria stated above and study an aged care course from Australia successfully.

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