What Qualification Needed To Become A Disability Support Worker?

May 24, 2021    agedcarecoursesinadelaide
What Qualification Needed To Become A Disability Support Worker?

Planning to build a career in disability support sector? Then Australia should be your favoured destination. According to one research, Australia has nearly 4 million specially-abled persons which is almost 18% of the total Australian population. Disabled people need more help to complete even daily basic tasks than others. For this reason, this very sector requires highly qualified and skilled professionals to take care of those people who constitute Australia’s most vulnerable community.

Do you feel that you are a compassionate and empathetic person willing to contribute in the betterment of other people? Then, the job of a disability support worker is the suitable one for you. Here are some details that you may find helpful in pursuing a successful career.

What Are The Responsibilities of The Disability Support Workers?

While you will be working as a disability support worker in the industry, you will find varied roles and responsibilities that different support workers have to fulfill. Well, primarily you have to provide assistance people living with various disabilities which may include physical, mental or cognitive disabilities. You may get working opportunity in a care centre or a private residence, based on your choice of settings.

Usually, you have to help people in personal hygiene and health care, activities such as taking baths, eating as well as dressing and ensuring their wellbeing before they can go out to participate in any community gathering. Among the other duties that you have to do, helping with household activities like serving meals or cleaning, helping with preparing budgets and buying necessary daily items, providing companionship and mental support and also helping in medication are to mention a few.

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What is The Core Difference Between a Disability Support Worker and an Aged Care Worker?

An elderly person indeed becomes disabled in many aspects of life with age, but there is a core difference between an aged care worker and a disability support worker. An aged care worker will work only with aged people (aged 65 or more) in their private residences or aged care facilities. Their primary objective is to keep an eye on the health and wellbeing of older people. But a people can become disabled at a younger age too, either by a disease or as an aftermath of an accident. So, for a disability support worker, the age is not a mandatory cause. You can get work in either sector after completing an Individual Support Course.

What Qualifications do You Need to Become a Disability Support Worker?

To work in the disability support sector, you do not need to have higher formal education, but you know, having a qualification will indeed help you in developing your professional career. Just like other industry jobs, you will certainly love to progress through ranks in the disability care sector. Then you will have to formalize your experience or get a higher education to acquire skills and necessary knowledge that will help you to achieve success in your career. The benefit of studying a subject in a structured education system is that, you will get to know the appropriate topics that will be needed to get entry into the sector.

Certificate III in Individual Support is a feasible course that you may apply if you have a focused goal. In this course, you will learn technical skills, both from a theoretical perspective as well as practical experience. You can get employed with this course knowledge, and after employment you can do a Certificate IV course to make a progress in your career. However, having higher education like bachelor or masters will always be added advantage.

What Are The Job Opportunities You Will Get in The Disability Support sector?

If you have the qualities to be patient, supportive, flexible and compassionate, you are bound to get ample success in the disability support sector. Apart from becoming a disability support worker, there are other job options available in this sector too.

  • Disability Team Leader: You can be the leader of a disability support workers’ team. Here you will be responsible to lead and mentor your team members to provide support and care for the disabled people. You can also support coordination of the National Disability Insurance Scheme or NDIS, wherever applicable.
  • Behavioural Support Officer: You may organize opportunities for clients that are focused on providing positive behaviour support for them. The opportunities may include special behavioural support plans or assessment as well as monitoring of their behaviour.
  • Special Needs Teacher’s Aide: In this profession, you will provide support to children who need special care in a classroom environment.

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How Many Hours a Week You Have to Work?

In general, a disability support worker works for 43 hours per week. However, most of them work part-time, which ensures a flexible career with decent financial stability.

In The End

Adelaide is a city, where elderly people are very respected and cared for. So, you can consider starting your career here. You can apply to any aged care course Adelaide and get the necessary training and education to get specific employment.

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