Simplified Guide To Certificate III In Individual Support 2021

June 15, 2021    agedcarecoursesinadelaide
Simplified Guide To Certificate III In Individual Support 2021

With the increase in the aging population in Australia, the demand for personal care workers has significantly increased. If you want to work in the personal care sector like residential aged care, disability care, community care, and community-based organizations and hospitals, pursuing an aged care course in Adelaide will be the best decision to make in 2021. Amidst the pandemic, where many industrial sectors have faced loss and decreased employment, the personal care industry has seen huge demand. 

About The Certificate III In Individual Support

Certificate III for aged care support is one of the best-aged care courses which allows the students to pursue a career with community service in Australia. The course of certificate 3 for aged care in Adelaide offers theoretical and practical knowledge with a considerable amount of learning and assessment in the workplace. The course will allow you to practice your newly acquired knowledge and skills in the areas related to personal care services.

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What Will You Achieve From This Aged Care Course?

This certificate course enables the students with sufficient qualifications to play the role of a worker in a community or residential setting. The course prepares the students to work with individualized plans to care for people who require support due to aging or disability. 

If you desire to work part-time in Australia while pursuing some higher studies, this course will be in your best interest. The course teaches you to assist people in enjoying their independence at home and provide support and care to the vulnerable part of society. 

This short-time course will take less than a few months to give you great employment offers. If you pursue this course from one of the top universities in Adelaide, you will get assured placement in healthcare or disability and community services. 

Course Curriculum of Certificate III in Individual Support in Adelaide

Suppose you pursue the course of certificate III in individual support in Adelaide. In that case, you will enjoy the benefit of highly qualified teachers to learn theoretical and practical knowledge and skills related to personal and community care services. The top universities or institutions in Adelaide or other parts of Australia offer easy and effective course curriculum that includes teachings and lessons, such as:

  • Individualized Support Teachings 
  • Skills and knowledge to support the independence and wellbeing of your client
  • Communication key to work in health or community service
  • Lessons to work with diverse people
  • Legal and ethical code of conducts related to your work
  • Skills to recognize healthy body systems
  • Safe work practices and protocols for direct client care services
  • Lessons to facilitate the empowerment of older people
  • How to provide support to people living in dementia
  • How to meet personal support needs of clients
  • Lessons to offer home and community support services
  • Lessons to comply with infection prevention and control policies
  • How to facilitate empowerment in people with disability

The course, as mentioned above curriculum is provided by highly qualified teachers who have years of experience in teaching and working in this industry. During the course, you will be given internship programs to imply your skills and knowledge in the practical field.

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Job Prospects From Certificate III in Individual Support

The aged care course in Adelaide helps you with a wide career prospect with assured employment in any industry sector. Some of the job prospects from these courses are:

  • Support Worker: The completion of the course enables you to work as a support worker. This job allows you to look after the well-being of your client with old age, or disability, or mental health needs. You will have to ensure the best physical and mental health of your client to reach their ultimate potential and live life more independently. This job can be taken part-time and entitles you to decent pay. 
  • Personal Care Worker: This job will allow you to assist and support old, unwell, or vulnerable people. You may work as a part-time or full-time carer and give emotional as well as physical support to them. You have to take care of your client’s medication, transport them to doctor’s appointments, offer constant companionship, and do their other necessary tasks. 
  • Community Care Worker: This is an interesting job prospect where you will have to visit different households in the community and help the clients with their appointments, cleaning, medications, etc. 
  • Assistant in Nursing: This job will allow you to work as a nursing support worker. You will have to follow limited instructions from the nurses to deliver health care facilities to the client. You have to maintain precise records of your patient and plan their daily routine for diet and medication.
  • Respite Worker: This is the best job prospect if you’re only looking forward to working part-time in this industry. This job will allow you to work as a health caregiver in place of the primary caregiver when they are on vacation. 

Ending Note

Get yourself enrolled in the best institution in Adelaide to pursue the aged care course and have work for the community with a decent pay scale.

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